Bret Hart Praise Barry Horowitz & Takes More Shots At Goldberg

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Bret Hart is back at it again taking shots at Goldberg.

Bret Hart, arguably the greatest wrestler of all time and adored by fans all over the world definitely has an opinion fans listen to whenever he gives it. Although, he has been known to be very open and happy to take shots at people in the business he isn’t fans of.

Hart recently appeared on a Highspots Virtual Signing which was streamed on Facebook, during the stream Bret Hart was putting over former WWF & WCW star, Barry Horowitz. But he couldn’t help himself and slid some Goldberg shots in there too:

“Personally, I think Barry Horowitz should be in the Hall of Game where as Bill Goldberg shouldn’t be. Barry Horowitz was a really good wrestler. Never hurt anybody, ever, was always a pro in there every night. That’s a guy that should be in the Hall of Fame. Bill Goldberg hurt every body he worked with. What’s he in there for? I don’t understand it. Barry was a really good wrestler, he really was, especially for beginners and stuff. He was a guy that could go in there and get you through a match.”

– Bret Hart

H/T to Fightful for the transcription

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