Brock Lesnar Says He Will Outwork Anybody

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Brock Lesnar is now 45 years old. He still looks to be in truly incredible shape

Brock Lesnar was recently asked by News Day about people saying it was easy for him to get over because of his genetics and look

Lesnar responded by pointing out his work ethic, stating that he will outwork anybody

They can come up with all kinds of [expletive] excuses if they want to. That’s easy to do. But get out there and do something with yourself. Everybody wants to bash the guys that get over or are successful. They always want to undercut it, because they can’t figure it out. I’ll outwork anybody. That’s just what I do . . . I’ll be 45 and I look as good as I do. And I feel good, you know? Get off your lazy [expletive] and go do something with yourself, instead of taking your handout check.” – Brock Lesnar

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