Bryan Danielson Claims Getting Trapped Between The Ring and Ramp Was Down To Being Old And Clumsy

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Fans of AEW star Bryan Danielson feared the worst after a video emerged of the Blackpool Combat Club member limping to the back following the May 20th episode of Rampage.

Danielson’s leg became trapped between the elevated ramp and the ring, with officials scrambling to try and help him out. It was announced shortly after that Danielson had suffered an injury due to the accident, leading to him not competing on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite.

Speaking to Graham “GSM” Matthews of Bleacher Report on WrestleRant Radio, Danielson commented on the incident and how he’s feeling.

“I laugh at myself. It was my birthday, I just turned 41, I’m this old man who falls into these cracks and can’t get out. If you remember Steve Urkel from Family Matters, I don’t know if it was a regular thing he said, but all that went through my head was, ‘I’m Steve Urkel and I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.’ My ankle and just below my knee are a little bit swollen. I like physical things so even when I’m not wrestling, I like to do jiu-jitsu or kickboxing or hiking. I’m used to things being swollen. I took my kids hiking two days this week, but they are kids hikes, my son is not even two so it’s really just walking, and that was, ‘Okay, I can feel this a little.’ I find it fascinating from a performer’s standpoint, the second I put my wrestling gear on, I feel invincible, no matter what is hurting me. I put my gear on and I’m ready to go. I’m looking at my ankle right now and thinking, ‘Uhhh,’ but when I put my gear on, it feels like there is nothing in the world that can hurt me. I know that’s not true, but that’s how it feels,” 

-Bryan Danielson

The incident was certainly a scary one for those that saw the video that circulated, but thankfully Danielson is able to see the funny side of things, and puts the accident down to being old and clumsy.

“I was laughing after with Eddie Kingston and Mox. ‘Of course.’ This would have never happened at 28, I would have been very aware of my surroundings, now I’m just this old clumsy man who slips in things.”

-Bryan Danielson

Danielson is set to return to the ring on Friday’s AEW Rampage when he takes on Matt Sydal. At the upcoming Double or Nothing PPV, Danielson is set to team with his BCC stablemate Jon Moxley alongside Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz to take on the Jericho Appreciation Society.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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