Bryan Danielson Wanted Work With WWE Cruiserweights

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Bryan Danielson wanted to work with WWE’s cruiserweight division, 205 Live.

One of the top names in the now nonexistent 205 Live locker room, Tony Nese was able to shine as a member of the cruiserweight division in spite of the brand itself rarely receiving any sort of push. Tony Nese joined Captains Corner to talk about the highlights of his time spent in 205 Live.

“Definitely my match with Noam Dar, it was like a street fight … that one with Noam Dar was a lot of fun,” “I wrestled Cedric a million times, maybe the one I had with him to advance to WrestleMania. That’s another great one. Definitely my Buddy Murphy post-WrestleMania match. That’s my absolute favorite one … for many reasons, more than just the match itself. The fact that it was the last match of that entire weekend of everything for all the fans to see and we still got a pretty good reaction that felt special.”

Tony Nese

Just because 205 Live was unable to grasp the attention that it needed to stay afloat, that didn’t stop top star, Bryan Danielson from wanting to work numerous matches on the show, even going as far as pitching ideas to get himself on the show. In the same interview, Tony Nese remarked that the then Daniel Bryan “wanted to work the cruiserweights”.

“He was able to get Ali brought over to do a match and stuff like that, but that’s kind of where they put their foot down and was like, ‘Alright, one guy, that’s it.’ He [Danielson] actually wanted to come to 205. There were so many things that we were always pitched, bringing in names to just come and have killer matches on 205 with us,” Nese said. “I know at one point, Bryan Danielson wanted to do it and everything, but it just never made it up the ladder. That was definitely one that was close and would have been absolutely awesome.”

– Tony Nese

H/t to WrestlingInc for the transcription

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