Certain AEW Stars Reportedly Planned For NJPW Wrestle Kingdom In January

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We could be seeing AEW stars on the next NJPW Wrestle Kingdom show in January at the famous Tokyo Dome.

Pretty much ever since AEW started, many fans have wondered how often they may get to see some of AEW’s top stars go over to Japan and mix up with some NJPW’s top guys. Especially considering some of AEW’s big stars have had previous successful runs in NJPW. Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks especially.

However due to the pandemic, we haven’t seen as much crossover as we would have hoped to in previous years between the two companies. That was until very recently when AEW & NJPW held their first joint show, Forbidden Door, which was a huge success and took place in the U.S.

Now there is talk of AEW stars going over to Japan to be a part of NJPW’s biggest show of the year.

Whilst talking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez read a mailbag question to Dave Meltzer, saying that assuming AEW tapes the Jan 4th Dynamite/Rampage the week prior, does Dave Meltzer believe AEW stars will be on the next Wrestle Kingdom?

Here’s what Dave Meltzer had to say:

“I didn’t know that, but yes. I in fact, I don’t know how many, but I have in fact been told of certain plans for AEW wrestlers on Wrestle Kingdom, yep. I didn’t know they weren’t gonna tape on that week though.”

“I have no idea that they’re gonna tape two week ahead, Im gonna guess that they wont, I think they’re gonna go live. But there are plans for certain AEW to be at the Tokyo Dome show”

– Dave Meltzer

AEW’s roster is loaded with top stars that would be great to see in NJPW, especially a huge show like Wrestle Kingdom in the Tokyo Dome. There could be some huge returns, or huge first time appearances. There’s assumably a lot of great options.

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