Claudio Castagnoli Wants To Represent The Best Wrestling In The World In ROH

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Claudio Castagnoli defeated Jonathan Gresham at Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor PPV to obtain his first singles World Championship, Claudio Castagnoli is incredibly eager to serve up the best wrestling in the world.

Claudio Castagnoli was a recent guest of Kevin Kellam and Sportskeeda Wrestling, where he mentioned his hopes of seeing ROH remain independent as an individual brand. He displayed his excitement and surefire confidence that Ring of Honor will hold more pay per views after the success of Death Before Dishonor.

“I mean to me, I wanna keep representing the best wrestling in the world, which is [what] ROH always stands for, and then AEW kind of took over on that. So I think we’re still trying to figure out what the future for Ring of Honor exactly holds. I know there’s plans for some more pay-per-views, hopefully they’ll be announced soon, and I don’t know what the exact details are. But with the success of Death Before Dishonor, it would only make sense to do some more and then hopefully see what else we can do. But I think that’s the goal, to keep Ring of Honor alive and as its own brand,”

– Claudio Castagnoli

As Ring of Honor World Champion, Claudio Castagnoli is nowhere near short on potential dream matches. He himself made mention of the new opponents and tempting matchups that lay before him in ROH and AEW.

“That’s the ultimate goal because that’s what the fans want to see. That want to see certain dream matches. They want to see exciting matches and people going up against people they’d never faced, and for me, that’s almost everybody in Ring of Honor and [AEW]. So I’m very excited. For example, I’m going up against [Takeshita] at Battle of the Belts August 6, so I’m very excited about that, defending my Ring of Honor World Championship. So I’m very excited for that and there’s so many more matches that are possible,”

– Claudio Castagnoli

Although it is currently undecided when Ring of Honor’s next PPV will take place, Claudio is obviously eager to face new challengers. Claudio Castagnoli will first face Konosuke Takeshita at All Elite Wrestling’s Battle of the Belts lll.

H/T to fightful for full transcription

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