Eddie Kingston Discusses His Feud With CM Punk

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Eddie Kingston was recently interviewed by The Wrestling Perspective Podcast. During the podcast, Kingston discussed his feud with returning legend CM Punk. How their real-life history came to the surface and affected his mental state during their in-ring confrontations.

Kingston is no stranger to bravely and openly discussing his struggles with mental health and describes the mindset he was in during the showdowns with Punk.

“After the showdown there with Punk, as I like to call it, I had to walk away from everybody so I could break out of that mental state where I just wanted to kill everybody. Everything I said to Punk was real. I just have to break out of that because then I would’ve been miserable the whole day. I would’ve been, as my father would say, sitting in my own s*it and not getting out of my own way.”

“There’s a lot of things said between me and him [CM Punk] that we did not get to say to each other as long as we’ve known each other”, Eddie Kingston said. “It was either because I didn’t wanna say it to him because I didn’t want to deal with him or he just didn’t want to deal with me. When we got the chance to, we let it all out and people enjoyed it.”

– Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston would also talk about the similarities it had to times during his feud with former AEW Champion, Jon Moxley & how it was like being 17 again:

There was a moment with Mox, where me and Mox were yelling at each other in Jacksonville, where we went back and forth. I had to walk away from everybody because I was so into it. I was 17 again. After those two showdowns or promos, I was 17 again. When I was 17, that’s basically my character, is me at 17. When I was at 17, I was just angry. I hated the world and wanted to fight everybody. In a sick kind of twisted way, I was suicidal in a way that I didn’t want to kill myself, but I wanted someone else to do it.”

– Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston is currently feuding with Chris Jericho in AEW, as himself, Santana & Ortiz are butting heads with the Jericho Appreciation Society.

h/t to WrestlingINC for the transcription

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