The Miz Discusses Working With Celebrities And His Current Role In WWE

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Throughout his 18 years as part of the WWE roster, The Miz has consistently proven his worth, earning WWE Championship victories as well as being apart of high-profile celebrity outings.

Speaking to The Detroit News, The Miz had a chance to reflect on how his role as part of the WWE has changed over the years.

“I would say my role in the company now is as a person who can develop newcomers but also be in the main event, or help the main event out, or be on the mid-card. I can be anywhere, I’m the person that they’re like ‘hey, we’ve got this,’ and if they give it to me, they know it’s going to be gold.”

– The Miz

At Wrestlemania 38, “The A-Lister” teamed with YouTube sensation Logan Paul to defeat Rey & Dominic Mysterio, with Paul impressing many in his debut match on. After the match, The Miz shockingly turned on his partner, potentially setting up a singles encounter between the pair in the future.

The Miz went on to discuss his involvement in the match, and commented on his goals when involved with celebrities in the ring.

“My goal, whenever a celebrity comes in, is not to have them just sit on the sidelines and watch me work. What the fans paid to see is ‘is Logan Paul going to be able to do this?’ And I want to be able to give fans that answer, whether it’s positive or negative. So I’m going to push whichever celebrity is out there to be their absolute best, and it only works if they have the heart, the dedication, the will, and the athletic ability to do it.”

– The Miz

The Miz closed by looking at what the future may hold, indicating his desire to continue as an in-ring performer alongside his TV endeavors such as reality show Miz & Mrs.

“I’m hoping I’m able to perform at the top of my level, stay injury-free, have fun and maybe have a couple more shows out on television,”

The Miz

In terms of the immediate future, The Miz is set to face Cody Rhodes on tonight’s edition of Raw, in the American Nightmare’s first WWE match on TV since 2016.

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