Eric Bischoff Says WWE’s Bloodline Story ‘Blows The NWO Story Out Of The Water’

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Eric Bischoff is full of praise for how WWE has executed the Bloodline storyline.

WWE fans have been fascinated by The Bloodline story for over two and a half years. It began with Roman Reigns’ triumphant return and subsequent Universal Title win in the summer of 2020 which led to The Usos and Solo Sikoa joining his ranks one by one. However, it was the addition of the ‘Honorary Uce’ Sami Zayn which lit the fuse and sent the storyline into a new stratosphere.

The company have managed to establish well-rounded characters for each member of The Bloodline which has been so effective that many feel as if Sami should be the man to dethrone The Tribal Chief. Now, on Eric Bischoff’s 83 Weeks Podcast, the the former WCW and Raw General Manager has had his say on the gripping drama which has the WWE audience captivated every week, claiming that The Bloodline’s story is far better than that of the NWO.

“This is truly some of the best storytelling and most disciplined storytelling. For the last couple years, unfortunately you had to listen to me babble and drone and rant on and on an on about disciplined, quality, structured storytelling and I’ve gotten so much heat for that, especially amongst the AEW fans because I’m quick to point out that’s what’s lacking over there. All of a sudden, we’re seeing disciplined, structured, progressively compelling, episodic television with great characters, and guess what? It’s hot. It just proves my point. I’m really hoping that when this is over, WWE and everybody involved sits back and says, ‘All right. That worked pretty good. We’ve told a great story. Let’s go back and dissect it and figure out exactly what we did so well.’ Don’t just move past it. This storyline, the build-up, and everything about it has been flawless, and it’s the elements and discipline that went into that story that has made it so good. If you can figure out a formula based on those elements, because every match is going to be different, every situation is going to be different, but if you’ve got a template, if you’ve got a formula, 7 times out of 10, you’re going to hit, and one of those is going to be a Bloodline type story.

“I think it’s been the best story that’s been told in professional wrestling in 30 or more years, far better than NWO. In terms of its structure, it’s discipline, and I keep using that term discipline. What does that mean? That means sticking to the plan and sticking to the story. Don’t start throwing things in randomly and spontaneously because somebody had a good idea two hours before showtime, because that’s what typically happens. They stuck to the plan and they executed it perfectly. I think the NWO was a great story, and it’s day, and was, up until Bloodline, perhaps one of the best stories that has been told which is why people are talking about it. If you look at just the way Bloodline has been told and the detail and the discipline that goes into that story, it blows the NWO story out of the water.”

-Eric Bischoff.

The next step in The Bloodline drama will take place this Saturday at Elimination Chamber, where Roman Reigns will be defending his titles against Sami Zayn. Many feel as if Zayn is the hottest act in WWE right now but, with Cody Rhodes waiting at ‘Mania, it’s unlikely that the former Honorary Uce will leave Montreal with WWE’s biggest prize.

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