Freddie Prinze Jr. Confirms He Made Bray Wyatt An Offer To Join Promotion That He Wants To Start

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Freddie Prinze Jr has updated fans on where things stand regarding him setting up his own wrestling company.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is most known for roles in film and TV. But, he’s always been a wrestling fan. He has appeared on WWE TV as a guest host of Raw as well as various other cameos along the way.

Now, while talking on his podcast ‘Wrestling With Freddie’, the former WWE creative writer has updated listeners on how he is planning to start his own wrestling promotion. He doesn’t yet have a TV deal in place but discusses the crew he is building behind the scenes and how his roster is coming together.

“I’m still moving forward. I have a finished draft, a finished script. I have two producers that are both interested in wanting to partner up with me on this. I don’t have a TV deal in place but I have very close to that. It’s weird sharing dreams for two reasons. One, once you release the energy, it’s out there and it’s no longer within you, so then you have to kind of find a new way to challenge yourself. Secondly, I hate announcing a deal before there’s ink on paper, because until there’s ink on paper, your script is nothing. Your federation is nothing. It’s just an idea. I have a script in place that people have been incredibly receptive to. I am working on filling out a roster. I have a female in place that a lot of people know and love. Yeah, I can say that. Everybody knows that I love Bray and it was basically reported that I was the one that made the offer, and sure, I’ll confirm that. I’ve put out an offer there and I think it’s a creative offer. Financially I wouldn’t be able to compete with the WWE, but I’ve put other things in there that I think are important to Bray. I don’t think I’m going to get it as the week’s go on, but we’ll see. You never know, and if I don’t, then I’ll shift gears again like I did the last time. It’s a speed bump in the road and I will find the next person and rework the story to make it work for that, but whoever my main guy is, that’s who this is going to revolve around in the wrestling half of things.”

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie confirms here that he was the one to make a significant offer to Bray Wyatt. This could make fans speculate over if other big time names could receive offers from his company or whether Prinze could loan in talent already with AEW or WWE.

“The short answer to that without giving anything away is yes. There are people that I love a lot, that I respect a lot. I have a solid relationship with WWE and AEW. WWE is a much more exclusive with their contracts, so if I were to use WWE talent, it would be very unlikely that they would be wrestling, but there might be a position for them in the backstage part of the show, whereas AEW is a little more free with their contracts and are more willing, so long as you protect their talent the right way to give you a little something.”

-Freddie Prinze Jr.

What comes of his company remains to be seen. Though, the fact he made an offer to Bray Wyatt could be taken as a positive sign for the company’s future.

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