FTR Reportedly ‘Went Out Of Their Way’ To Clear Things Up With The Elite, Things Are ‘Fine’ Between Them

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A report had clarified that there is no issue between FTR and The Young Bucks.

CM Punk’s recent return to All Elite Wrestling ended his nine-month stint away from the company. The 44-year-old re-emerged on the first episode of Collision and captured victory in the main event as he teamed with FTR to defeat Jay White, Juice Robinson and Samoa Joe.

Of course, the former two-time AEW Champion has dealt with a lot of controversy since his appearance at All Out last year, with the aftermath of his press conference comments and altercation with The Elite still being felt to this day.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer acknowledged that the Chicagoan still has some fences to mend before things are settled, but FTR’s association with Punk hasn’t landed them in any hot water with The Elite. It was noted that things are ‘fine’ between the two tag teams and that they’d happily work together.

“FTR, and Omega, The Young Bucks, they’re all fine. Some people think it’s like this divide, with Punk and FTR against these guys. With Punk, there’s still fence mending that needs to be done for them to work together and everything like that. It could happen, it may not happen, time will tell. But with FTR, it’s fine, there nothing at all that would hold if they wanted to do a tag title program at some point, tomorrow, everyones cool with that.

FTR worked really hard on that too. They went out of their way to get that done.”


FTR and The Young Bucks are currently tied at one win apiece against each other, with the last time they faced off being April of last year. While it remains unclear whether members of The Elite will ever step into the ring against CM Punk, it appears as if there is no problem with Harwood and Wheeler clashing wrestling against The Bucks should they decide to do so.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on FTR’s relationship with The Elite as we hear more.

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