GUNTHER Declares Brock Lesnar His “End Boss, Has To Face Him To Validate Himself


The WWE Intercontinental Champion wants a match with The Beast Incarnate.

At the 2023 Royal Rumble, GUNTHER and Brock Lesnar came face-to-face for the very first time, with fans salivating at the thought of the two titans facing off against eachother. Despite the tease, the pair have yet to meet in singles competition, and with Lesnar currently absent from WWE TV, it’s unclear as to when the company will eventually pull the trigger on the dream match.

Speaking to Phil Strum of Under The Ring, GUNTHER was asked what a potential match with Brock Lesnar would look like, with the Imperium leader revealing that he sees Lesnar as a hurdle he has to overcome to validate himself.

“You never really know what you get with Brock. It’s definitely a match I want to have and I want to do. I feel Brock is somebody, I just make it my thing, I make him my personal End Boss. That’s the guy that, at one point, I have to step in the ring (with) to validate myself,”


Lesnar has been absent from WWE since his loss to Cody Rhodes at this year’s SummerSlam, a bout that brought their trilogy to a close. Reports thus far have indicated that a Royal Rumble return could be on the cards, however nothing is set in stone as of writing.

Meanwhile, GUNTHER currently stands as the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time, with a match against 8-time IC Champion The Miz on the horizon at this weekend’s Survivor Series.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the future of Brock Lesnar, along with the prospect of a match with GUNTHER, as soon as we hear more.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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