Hikaru Shida: “At First I Refused AEW”

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Hikaru Shida is a former AEW Womens Champion and is in fact the champion Britt Baker defeated to claim the title. Hikaru Shida is a huge part of the AEW Women’s division, and was the divisions main player for most of the era with little to no fans in the buildings.

In an interview with Sportiva, Shida recently said that she actually turned down a move to AEW due to wanting to still do shows with MAKAI in Japan.

“At first, I refused AEW because there was MAKAI. But I was told, ‘I can do it while continuing’.“

– Hikaru Shida

She also expressed her desire to want to hold Tournaments all over the World

“In the future, I want to hold tournaments not only in Japan but also all over the world. That way, you can do a world tournament. After that, I think AEW will perform in various countries in the future, so I want to do it in Japan as well. I want to support and realize it.”

– Hikaru Shida

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