Tony Khan praises Orange Cassidy

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Orange Cassidy is one of AEW’s most popular wrestlers. Even though he has a gimmick that may not be for all wrestling fans, with AEW’s biggest critics regularly pointing him out negatively. He’s also some peoples favourite wrestler, and thats just how pro wrestling works a lot of the time.

Tony Khan recently spoke on Busted Open about Orange Cassidy and his popularity

“A lot of people were critical of him, some of the smartest people in the wrestling business were really critical and still are to some extent of him, is Orange Cassidy, who is the big Face of the Revolution Ladder Match this weekend and has been — it’s just a fact, whether people like it or not, he’s been one of the biggest ratings draws in our company and in terms of selling merchandise and online engagement for streaming. He is one of the most important people and I don’t think anybody expected that going in and I didn’t expect that going in but I could see he was getting over and one of the things I think I’m strong at is course correcting because I’m not always right and I do try and stay engaged with the fans and pay attention to what moves the needle with them…he does numbers and people might not like it but it’s a fact and he consistently has.”

– Tony Khan

Orange Cassidy will compete in the AEW Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match this weekend at AEW’s Revolution PPV

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