Jake The Snake Originally Thought Tony Khan Was “Just Some Jabroni”

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Jake The Snake has been with All Elite Wrestling for just over 2 years now, so it would be fair to guess that he has got used to how Tony Khan operates.

Roberts spent about 7 years with WWE in the 80’s and 90’s so also has first hand experience of working with Vince McMahon too. Whilst talking on his podcast with Diamond Dallas Page, The DDP Snake Pit, Roberts spoke about the differences between Khan and Vince McMahon.

Roberts even says that he thought Khan was just some Jabroni when he first met him, having no idea who he was. But went on compliment Khan on how personable and nice he is

“I met him at the first TV I went to. Just a sweetheart, man. I thought he was just some, some jabroni that carried papers around. I didn’t know who the hell he was because he doesn’t come across as a Vince McMahon, you know, ‘stare you down’ type.

He’s very personable, he’s very nice, he’s very nice to be around. Yeah, and I love the energy he has. It’s incredible, the energy. And his appreciation of what the talent is doing out there. It’s incredible. I’ve seen him leave his position and sprint to halfway across the building to tell someone, ‘What a great match’. You know, I’ve never seen Vince do that.”

I appreciate everything that they do, everything including birthday cakes for guys on their birthdays too, to the way they handle everything, you know? The hotels that they put us in, the flights, to just all of it, man. It’s a class organization, you know? And I see what’s happened. He’s taken what he’s been doing for years with football people and the soccer people in England because he owns a club over there, and he’s given that same type of love, that’s what I call it, to wrestlers. And it’s absolutely wonderful.”

– Jake The Snake Roberts

H/T to WrestlingInc for the transcription

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