Adam Cole Talks Tony Khan

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Adam Cole was one of the biggest signings AEW made last year, which is impressive considering the company added names like CM Punk & Bryan Danielson to their roster too.

When talking to TalkSport, Cole was asked about what it’s like to work for AEW’s Owner, Tony Khan

“The same thing everyone else is saying! Tony is such a wonderful human being. His love and passion for pro wrestling is contagious. He gets so excited and so fired up about everything related to AEW, he’s so zeroed in and focused on this promotion and making AEW the best it can be.

“This guy works all the time. He is constantly hustling an moving and probably should get more sleep, but he’s working. But he’s one of those guys who so driven, focused and motivated, but at the same time, an absolute joy of a person. Not just to work for, but just as an overall human being.”

– Adam Cole

Cole also continued to praise Khan as a person, bringing up a 4+ hour phone call he had with Khan:

“The way he talks to people, the way he’s appreciative of certain things. I remember before I signed with AEW, I talked to Tony for four hours and 15 minutes on the phone. We talked for a very long time and it was such an amazing conversation.

“He could be talking about cheesecake and I’m like ‘I want some cheesecake, that sounds great! Oh my god!’ That’s a horrible analogy, but I mean it as a sincere compliment. He is such a positive and optimistic, motivated dude that it just makes you want to be that way too. I love Tony Khan, I love him to death.”

– Adam Cole

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