Jim Ross Gives Health Update Amid Recent AEW Absence

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Jim Ross has offered an update on his condition amid his AEW hiatus.

A few weeks ago, legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross announced that he would be taking his latest hiatus from AEW to allow his leg injury to heal. At the time, there was no indication as to how long he will be absent from his duties, but now we know that it might not be too much longer.

Now, speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross has thankfully revealed that his condition has improved in recent weeks. He revealed that he’s still going to be on an AEW hiatus for a few more weeks but is spending a lot of time with the doctor to try and get back to what he loves soon.

“I’m pretty good, Conrad. Had a busy week at the doctors’, and trying to get all these little things taken care of. They’re not little things if you let them go. So anyway, I’m getting better, I think. Still gonna be off work for a few more weeks, and then we’ll just move on, and hopefully it’ll work out. I had a long doctor’s meeting yesterday, over two hours. You know how it goes. Getting old is the sh*ts.”

-Jim Ross

When it comes to his future, Jim confirmed that he still wants to honour his current deal and has heard via his representative that Tony Khan is interested in keeping him around past his contract expiry if the 71-year-old is able to withstand the travel.

“I have a contract that’s in place, I intend to honor it. It’s still got a few months left, and Tony Khan has indicated to me, as early as this week, at least to my representative Barry Bloom, that he’d like for me to stay. I’m not looking to go anywhere. It’s just that I need to heal. That’s all. Simplistically as that. My leg needs to heal, and the good news is that the wound is getting much better, so I am healing. I just gotta get better. It’s not a matter of pain tolerance. The pain comes when I getto the city I’m flying to. Flying is the enemy right now. So if I can heal a little bit more, then flying becomes less of an issue. With this job, I can’t do it without flying. So flying is a necessary evil, if you want to use that term, and that’s kind of how I’m approaching it. So I have no plans on leaving AEW. I like working for Tony. Tony’s been good to me, he’s taken great care of me. We just have a very unique relationship. I’m not high maintenance, even with a bad leg and stuff. I don’t want to be high maintenance.”

-Jim Ross

JR is undoubtedly an icon in the wrestling business, and is considered by many to be the greatest commentator of all time. We wish him the best in his continued recovery and hope to see him behind the desk in AEW again in the near future.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on Jim Ross and his condition as we hear more.

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