Jon Moxley Was Influential In Bringing Bryan Danielson To AEW

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Bryan Danielson is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He is many peoples pick for no.1.

Last year he surprised a lot of fans when he was in the Main Event of Wrestlemania 37 but ended up in AEW a number of months later.

When speaking to Jim Varsallone , Tony Khan revealed that Jon Moxley played an important part in bringing Danielson to AEW

“Jon and Bryan have created a very, very interesting story here. People really want to see what’s gonna happen with the two of them and I think they’re just gonna have an awesome match here and you know, ever since Bryan came in, I don’t know if people know, Jon Moxley’s a big reason why Bryan Danielson came to AEW in the first place. He really vouched for this place. He gave his word to Bryan that this is a great place to work and that helped connect me to Bryan Danielson, that Mox gave him that reference, that you know, I’m a good person to work for and this is a good company to come to and Bryan Danielson is one of the biggest wrestlers in the world, one of the most recognisable, famous, successful pro wrestlers on the planet and when he came to AEW, it was a huge for us and their story goes back a long time. They know each other very well and I think they’re gonna have an amazing match.”

– Tony Khan

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription

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