Keith Lee On Stepping Through The Forbidden Door

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Keith Lee is All Elite. With that being said, its fsir to wonder if he will show up in promotions outside of AEW since many of the companies other talent do exactly that.

Keith Lee recently spoke with Bleacher Report and discussed the possibility of him stepping through the Forbidden Door

“It’s hard to say because my deal is very exclusive to AEW, and for good reason,”

“But, you know, if something came up, that was beneficial for both myself and the company, and also for the potential collaborative companies, maybe I will consider it.”

– Keith Lee

Lee also added that working in Japan could potentially be something that would interest him

“The only thing that really comes to mind as a place that I would just want to go, and this is where I was originally going to go before I ever went to the other company, and that’s Japan. But even then, it really comes down to what’s beneficial, because the exclusivity of what I signed is pretty tight.”

– Keith Lee

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