Keith Lee: Ricochet & Erik come to mind immediately when you ask about just outrageous strength

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Keith Lee is by no means a small guy, so he knows a thing or two about the strength of the opponents he’s shared the ring with.

Whilst speaking with Bleacher Report, Keith Lee mentioned the incredible strength of two former co-workers of his, Ricochet and Viking Raiders’ Erik.

When asked about who he thinks are some of the strongest men in the industry, Keith Lee said this about Erik :

“Oh, that’s easy, Erik from The Viking Raiders,” That goes back all the way to the indies. It’s funny because, you know, yes, I’m big, I’m strong and there are other people that are big and strong. You got your Big Es, you got your Bobby Lashleys, you got your Brock Lesnars, you got your Wardlows, you got your Will Hobbses. But when you look at the Viking Raiders, you see a very big guy in Ivar, right? And he’s not the strong one. He’s the agile one. And you look at Erik, and that guy is a monster. I remember the first time I ever fought that guy.

“I was coming back off of an injury. I was looking to make a splash because there was potential for an opportunity with ROH. That match helped me acquire that. But [Erik] caught me trying to do a crossbody and just threw me [laughs].”

– Keith Lee on Erik
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He also added in praise for the strength of Smackdown star, Ricochet:

“Pound-for-pound, one of the strongest men I’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring is Ricochet. Really, without question, zero hesitation. He’s another guy that caught me in a crossbody one time and then had the nerve to fallaway slam me into a turnbuckle [laughs].”

“He’s obviously muscular. I’ve seen him deadlift suplex Drew McIntyre. He was sitting on the ground and [Ricochet] just picked him up and vertical suplexed him. I was like what ‘What?’ So those are the two names that come to mind immediately when you ask about just outrageous strength.”

– Keith Lee on Ricochet

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