Kenny Omega Discusses His Relationship With The Young Bucks, Says They’re Happy With Where They’re At In Wrestling

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Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, known collectively as The Elite, share a bond that dates back to the trio’s time working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. The former Bullet Club members and AEW EVPs are currently reigning as the AEW World Trios Champions in their second reign, having defeated Death Triangle 4-3 in their recent best-of-seven series.

Omega recently appeared on the Swerve City podcast with fellow AEW star Swerve Strickland, as well as Monteasy, and Rich Latta, where he had the chance to break down what makes his bond with the Jackson brothers so strong.

“We’re so comfortable in our own skin and where we’re at in wrestling. Whatever I’m required to do, even if it’s not be the focus or the star of the show, I feel I have something I can give that, wherever I am on the card…right now, we’re just having fun six-man tags. I’m not supposed to be in this epic storyline encounter. No blood feuds right now. I’m in a position where, right now, we’re doing six-man tags, it’s supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to look much different than everything else. Everyone let loose, enjoy the scene, party down. That’s my role right now. Am I going to feel like, ‘Oh darn, I really want MJF’s role, I want to be the guy telling the stories. I want to be on the microphone more. I want to bleed, I want to make people bleed. I want people to cheer me, to boo me, I want a belt on the line.’ It’s not about that. It’s about, what needs to be on the show, what’s different from everything else on the show? Do I have the skills to do the best I can in that role? A lot of times, because I’ve gone through the steps to prepare for it, doing fun six-man tags, yeah, I can absolutely do it. You can trust me in that role and you can trust me with anybody, whether it be guys that are used to doing six-man tags, whether they’re greener on the scene or whether it’s a fun gimmick match or a best-of-seven series, which was a huge challenge. I just knew that I trusted myself and in the moments where the trust may waver in myself, I had two guys that trust themselves and trust me more than maybe I trust myself, so we can pick each other up,”

-Kenny Omega

The Elite successfully defended their AEW Trios Championships against Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin) & AR Fox on Friday’s AEW Rampage. The trio now appears set to face off against The House of Black at the upcoming AEW Revolution PPV.

Recent speculation has emerged regarding WWE holding an interest in bringing Kenny Omega into the company, however, it is believed that his contract is likely to be extended due to the time he spent absent due to injury. As always, we’ll aim to provide any updates on Kenny Omega’s AEW future as soon as we hear more.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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