Kevin Owens Says The Creed Bros Are “Head And Shoulders” Above Everyone Else In NXT

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There is plenty of talent in NXT currently including two stars that Kevin Owens seems to admire.

Kevin Owens is one of the best to ever come through NXT. His time in the black and gold brand was incredibly successful and he immediately rose to the top. He was presented as a huge star and, for the most part, that remained the case on the main roster.

Owens played a huge part in making NXT as popular as it got and The Prizefighter still keeps a keen eye on NXT. While speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Owens pointed out two current NXT stars who he would call in case of needing backup.

“You know, there’s a lot of really good talent over there but right now I think the Creed brothers are kind of head and shoulders above everyone else, if I’m gonna be brutally honest. I really love them.”

“I’d love to be in the ring with them or you know if I ever need backup, they’re probably guys I would look to. They had great leadership for a while and clearly it did them some good. They’re thriving.”

-Kevin Owens.

The Creed Brothers seem like an excellent choice as they have caught the eye of many people and are one of the best acts in NXT today. They recently lost the tag team titles to Pretty Deadly but that was only down to a heel turn from Damon Kemp. The two have a bright future ahead of them in the WWE.

H/T to SEScoops for the transcription

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