Kris Statlander Reveals Reason For Recent Gimmick Change

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Since making her AEW debut in Novermber of 2019, Kris Statlander has been the company’s resident alien, although these days are now behind her.

Statlander recently left behind the alien gimmick, now referring to herself as “more than a woman”.

Speaking to SteelChair Mag, Statlander revealed the reasoning behind her gimmick change, noting that the change was necessary in order for her to be taken seriously.

“Presenting myself differently was something that I wanted to do, it was 100 percent my decision. I felt like as many opportunities as I may have been getting, I was never really being fully taken seriously. I wasn’t sure what was holding me back, maybe it was because I was too fun, too lovable, I guess, too goofy and easygoing. As I said, I know my potential and I know how much more I have to offer. If I wasn’t given the opportunity to show everything that I can, presenting myself in that other way, then maybe a new look, a new perspective will grab the attention of the people that really need to see it and we’ll finally kind of flip the switch in their mind and be like, ‘oh she’s actually someone not to be messed.’ I got tired of people looking down on me and making fun of me and being like, ‘oh she’s too nice,’ and stuff like, ‘oh you can take advantage of her,’ which has happened with my former friendships multiple times.

-Kris Statlander

Statlander continued, acknowledging that whilst her new gimmick is certainly a more grounded character concept, the role will still allow her to display her differences.

“I’m just here to show that you can’t walk all over me, I’m not just some fun little quirky alien. Being ‘more than a woman’ alludes to being different and that’s really what I’m all about, just being okay with being different but in a more serious way.”

-Kris Statlander

Statlander was recently revealed to be Hikaru Shida’s last-minute replacement in the inaugural Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, defeating Red Velvet in the opening round. She will meet Ruby Soho in the semi-finals, with a match against either Toni Storm or Britt Baker up for grabs.

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