Kyle O’Reilly: Tony Khan doesn’t make anyone feel stupid

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Kyle O’reilly recently appeared on The Zaslow Show where he talked about a number of topics. One of them being what it’s like to work for Tony Khan

O’Reilly like many, was very quick to mention how passionate Tony Khan is

“So I think, wrestling, pro wrestling, in general, is a very collaborative sport or art form. There’s always going to be suggestions to be made, like it’s never just ‘this or the highway’ type of thing, at least in my experiences. Everyone I’ve worked for has always been open to making suggestions and stuff like that. Tony Khan, especially, has just been so cool about everybody just coming up with their own ideas and pitching them and not making anyone feel stupid about it. Because you just tell the guy’s so passionate and just has such a mind for the business. It really is pretty impressive to see the stuff that the guy can come up with on the spot and when you do make a suggestion, he gives you the time of day, and he’s willing to hear you out. It’s pretty cool and it’s pretty unique. I’m very thankful and grateful to have this opportunity,

– Kyle O’Reilly

H/T to fightful for the transcription

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