Stone Cold Steve Austin told Kevin Owens to never stop running his mouth

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Kevin Owens recently appeared on Ryan Satin’s Out Of Character, and Owens mentioned a time where he first first met Steve Austin.

Owens first met Austin in Texas when he came across him at the Airport, Owens used the opportunity to ask the Rattlesnake for some advice.

“We walked up to him, introduced ourselves, and said we’re independent wrestlers on the way to California for a show. He was so nice, very friendly. We talked a little bit about the business and how the independents work because he obviously hasn’t been on the independent scene in a while. Then they called the first class passengers so we had to go. I said to him, ‘If you have one piece of advice for us, what is it?’. He said, ‘Just keep running your mouth. Never stop running your mouth’.

– Kevin Owens

There has recently been a lot of discussion about Stone Cold Steve Austin making an in-ring comeback at Wrestlemania 38, since that’s what recent reports have told us fans. The opponent rumoured to be facing off with Austin is Kevin Owens

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