Mandy Rose Released By WWE

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Mandy Rose has been released by WWE.

On last night’s episode of NXT, then NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose unsuccessfully defended her title against the winner of the recent NXT Iron Survivor Challenge, Roxanne Perez. Mandy Rose had been champion for over a year prior to last night’s show where she dropped the title to the 21-year-old.

Many fans were surprised when the championship match happened so quickly but it seems as if Roxanne’s win is a result of an update on Mandy Rose’s status in the company. Sean Ross Sapp is now reporting on Fightful Select that Mandy Rose has been released from WWE.

The news comes as a surprise to all fans, especially given how long Rose was the face of the NXT Women’s Division. As of now, it’s unclear what will be next for Mandy Rose at this point in time.

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