Maria Kanellis: AEW Has The Talent To Do An All Women’s Show

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Maria Kanellis believes AEW has enough talent to do an all-Women’s show.

Maria Kanellis has seen success all over the wrestling industry, notably working for WWE, Impact, ROH, NJPW, and currently AEW/ROH; her entry into wrestling dating back all the way to 2004. Maria is notably the manager of AEW’s The Kingdom. Maria Kanellis has always been vocal and active in wanting progression in women’s wrestling, she also runs an all-women’s promotion alongside Bobby Cruise called Women’s Wrestling Army.

While speaking to Steve Fall of WrestlingNewsCo recently, Maria Kanellis made comments on the prospect of an all-women’s show for AEW.

In AEW, the women’s division has seen growth as of late, growth was also seen with some notable signings last year for the division; Maria included in that lineup. Maria believes an all-women’s show for AEW is possible, but also wants it to be practical.

“Is there a possibility because of the amount of talent they have in AEW to have an all-women’s show? Of course. They are more than capable of doing so. I also think, you have to look at it from the perspective of bandwidth. How much can you put out there right now on the AEW side when you’re trying to take care of all of AEW’s brand, plus Ring of Honor? A smart person isn’t going to necessarily add more things unless they already know what every company and brand situation is going to be a month or six months from now. I know we don’t like to look at things from a business perspective as wrestling fans, but there is that side. Is that the best use of time right now or now that we’re getting several women’s matches on pay-per-view that are highly rated, is it better to build that until you get to a place where, now you know what your profit is going to be?”

Maria Kanellis

Maria continued, talking about the growth the AEW Women’s division has seen:

“It was building the women’s division and the notoriety of all the women in the division,”

“From Jade (Cargill) to Britt (Baker), even. Britt had been on the Indies, but not to the stardom level of the Young Bucks [Matt & Nick Jackson}. Not many have accomplished that on the Indies anyway. You’re building these new talents, and that’s what any company wants to do, they want to have homegrown talent that they have built to stars, as well as stars that come from other places, just like territories in a much bigger scale. Maybe you have to look at and say, ‘that was building.’ For three years, they built homegrown stars while bringing in other talent and now they are to a place where everybody, as a fan, can go, ‘I see it now. I get it.’ It’s like a puzzle was revealed. Maybe Tony (Khan) is more of a genius in that sense in his patience of building it.”

Maria Kanellis

The AEW women’s division looks to be on a great trajectory at the moment so hopefully the division continues to shine as 2023 continues.

H/t to Fightful for the transcriptions.

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