Mauro Ranallo Reportedly In Talks To Commentate For New Joshi Promotion Starting In NYC Next Month

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The new Joshi promotion, seemingly nearing its debut in New York, may have a major name joining the commentary table.

Earlier this summer, PWInsider revealed that a new Japanese women’s wrestling promotion would be coming to New York City this autumn, with former Bushiroad consultants believed to be involved in some capacity.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is now reporting that former WWE commentator Mauro Ranallo is currently in talks with the promotion, although no agreement has been reached as of this week.

“Regarding the new women’s promotion featuring Japanese wrestlers, its debuting next month in New York but there is not a lot of info out, as we don’t have a place or location past that. The only other thing we’ve heard is that there are talks going on for Mauro Ranallo to announce but the deal was not closed as of this week.”


In terms of talent, PWInsider have confirmed that Arisa Nakajima, Risa Sera, and Tomoka Inaba have all signed with the promotion, whilst former AJW and WWF Women’s Champion Bull Nakano is also expected to be involved in both a backstage and onscreen capacity.

The promotion is also reportedly set to release both long and short-form anime content, with talent believed to be receiving new names and gimmicks to ensure that the promotion hold the rights to their characters.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on Mauro Ranallo potentially commentating for the new NYC-based Joshi promotion, as well as any other updates on the company as soon as we hear more.

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