Max Dupri No Longer A Part Of WWE’s Maximum Male Models

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Max Dupri, formerly known as LA Knight in NXT, and Eli Drake prior to joining WWE, made his full-time main roster debut on the May 20th edition of Smackdown, introducing his new stable Maximum Male Models to the world, with Mace and Mansoor being introduced as the group’s first recruits.

Despite this however, it now appears as though Max Dupri will no-longer be associated with the Maximum Male Models act, as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Vince McMahon made the decision to remove Dupri from the stable prior to his retirement, with NXT’s Sofia Cromwell, now known as Maxxine Dupri, filling the vacancy.

“Max Dupri is out but the angle with Maximum Male Models is continuing using Sydney Zmrzel, who was Sofia Cromwell in NXT, as Maxxine Dupri. Max being gone was a Vince call made after one of the early segments of the deal when Vince blamed the segment being bad on his delivery of the lines and apparently he also spoke up about some of the scripting. With Vince out, he may resurface if he has supporters with whoever ends up in charge but the idea was that he’s out of this angle.”


Time will tell as to whether new WWE Head of Creative Triple H decides to reintroduce Max Dupri to his former stable, with many fans hopeful that his removal from the group will allow for him to transition back to his popular LA Knight persona he utilised during his spell in NXT.

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