Mercedes Moné Reveals She’s A Free Agent, Would Love To Face Mickie James


This past Saturday saw Mercedes Moné, formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, finally make her NJPW debut at Battle in the Valley in San Jose, California, defeating KAIRI to capture the IWGP Women’s Championship. Moné’s attire paid tribute to the late, great Hana Kimura, and the match more than delivered, leaving many fans excited for what’s next for ‘The CEO’.

Speaking to Scott Fishman of TVInsider, Moné revealed that despite her current focus being NJPW, she’s currently a free agent, and thus can go wherever she pleases. The former multi-time WWE Women’s Champion then went on to list a number of promotions she could pop up in, before specifically singling out Mickie James of IMPACT.

“The thing is I’m a free agent. It doesn’t matter with New Japan. I can go anywhere. I can go to New Japan, IMPACT, Mexico, Germany, Europe. The potential matchups are endless. The same for New Japan. I know they have partnerships with CMLL, IMPACT, AEW. To be a fan and watch all these matchups from all parts of the world is amazing. I know there is a little woman in IMPACT I would love to face one day, Mickie James! We’ll see what is in the stars,”

-Mercedes Moné

NJPW and IMPACT are set to come together on March 30th to present Multiverse United: Only The STRONG Survive, and so with the two companies seemingly on good terms, a bout between Moné and Mickie James could be a possibility down the line.

Mercedes’ next two appearances for NJPW and Stardom are reportedly scheduled for Sakura Genesis and All-Star Grand Queendom in April, with Stardom’s AZM calling out Moné for an IWGP Women’s Championship match earlier today at a Stardom press conference.

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