Mercedes Mone’s Deal With Bushiroad Reportedly Up Soon, Door Is Open For WWE Return If She Gives Up Asking For Certain Points

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Mercedes Monè shook up the wrestling world when she appeared at WrestleKingdom 17 to confront Kairi. She has since captured the IWGP Women’s Championship and is scheduled to clash with some of Stardom’s best competitors. Currently, she is set to defend her gold against both AZM and Hazuki in a triple threat match at NJPW’s Sakura Genesis event on April 8.

However, some fans still speculate over the future of the woman formerly known as Sasha Banks. Some want to see the 31-year-old continue to step into the ring with the best Japan can offer while others are hoping to see her return to the WWE in future.

As written by Dave Meltzer in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Mercedes Monè’s deal with Bushiroad is set to expire next month on the date that Stardom will host All Star Grand Queendom.

“Her deal with Bushiroad is up on 4/23 and a key is that she was not advertised on the 4/15 show in Washington, DC, where it would have made all the sense in the world for her to work if she was going to work more New Japan dates and she’d be the biggest draw on that show.”

– Dave Meltzer

Interestingly, Meltzer then goes on to state that the door is open for Mercedes to strike a deal with WWE, but in order to achieve this she would have to give up asking for some points that she had been keen on before signing with WWE again.

“we were told there were points that she has asked for that she would have to give up asking for to sign a deal with them but the door is open for her otherwise.”

– Dave Meltzer

One way or another, fans will be intrigued to see what comes next for Mercedes once her contract reportedly expires on April 26.

As always, we’ll aim to update you on Mercedes Monè and her future as soon as we hear more.

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