More Reported Uncertainty Surrounding William Regal In AEW

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William Regal could be on his way out of AEW.

William Regal has been the center of attention lately ever since the start of the AEW World Title feud between Jon Moxley & MJF. At Full Gear, William Regal would turn on Jon Moxley, one of the men he started the Blackpool Combat club with in favour of MJF, by sliding MJF his brass knuckles to take out Moxley.

Last Wednesday during an in-ring segment involving Regal & Moxley. Jon Moxley told Regal to get out of his face, run away, and never come back. This led to some speculation from fans about whether or not that was just a way to write him off TV. Some also speculated that because Regal and Triple H are known to be good friends, Regal could possibly want to go back to WWE in a backstage role.

It was reported last week that although William Regal signed a 3 year contract with AEW, there had at least been some talk of Regal heading to WWE.

Last night on AEW Dynamite in a shocking turn in the story, after introducing MJF as the new AEW World Champion, MJF laid out Regal with his own Brass Knuckles.

When talking about the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer questioned the logic of the whole angle, also referring to Regal as “leaving”:

When it was all over, I was just like ‘What was the purpose of this?’ Put so much heat on a guy who is leaving. Moxley gets no revenge at all. MJF is turning heel on a guy who is a heel so the fans are so mixed up, and great we’ve got a new belt,”

– Dave Meltzer

It’s of course worth keeping in mind that it was also reported last week that Regal is on a 3 year deal that has over 2 years left on it. Tony Khan has not been known for granting releases at all, so if Regal was to be let out of his contract it would be somewhat surprising.

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