Potential WWE Main Roster Call Ups Coming Soon?

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It looks like we may be able to expect some stars from NXT get called up to the WWE Main Roster soon enough.

The names in the current call-up spotlight are Gunther & Marcel Barthel of Imperium, former NXT Womens Champion & Tag Team Champion, Raquel Gonzalez & LA Knight.

This news is courtesy of a couple reports from Fightful Select. One of the first things that fans noticed about the reports was that Imperiun Member, Fabian Aichner is not expected to be joining the other members in being called up to the main roster.

“there have been internal discussions about bringing up the group Imperium to the WWE main roster, with Smackdown being the heavily discussed destination. Specifically, we’re told that the pitch involved Walter/Gunther and Marcel Barthel, but not Fabian Aichner. This would explain the angle that took place on Tuesday’s episode of NXT.”

– Fightful Select

The angle mentioned in the report was one when during a tag team match with his Partner Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner decided to just up a leave Barthel in the ring by himself. He was then not seen for the rest of the show.

Another thing that a lot fans found peculiar was that in one of Fightful Select’s reports last night, they stated that theres been pitches for LA Knight to move up to the Main Roster, but one of the pitches was for him to be a Manager.

LA Knight and Raquel Gonzalez have both been pitched as potential call-ups, Fightful Select has learned. Raquel seems to be expected by most within NXT, but LA Knight’s situation didn’t seem as certain.

One of the pitches we’ve heard involved LA Knight potentially as a manager because of his highly acclaimed mic work.

– Fightful Select

LA Knight does have a great talent when it comes to mic work, but this definitely would feel like a waste of all his skills.

Although some of the reported pitches are definitely questionable, such as Aichner being left out of Imperium and LA Knight becoming a manager, it will still be interesting to see how WWE decide to freshen up the Main Roster over the next few weeks/months.

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