Reported CM Punk/Ace Steel’s Side Of Events Regarding AEW All Out Backstage Altercation

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Following this past Sunday’s AEW All Out PPV, newly crowned AEW World Champion CM Punk seemingly took shots at EVPs The Elite during the post-show press conference, leading to a backstage brawl between Punk, his friend and producer Ace Steel, and the inaugural Trios Champions.

Various reports have since emerged detailing the events of the melee, with Ace Steel said to have thrown a chair that hit Nick Jackson in the eye, as well as biting Kenny Omega. Punk was also said to be throwing punches during the incident.

Fightful Select have now provided an update on the situation, detailing Punk and Steel’s version of events as per sources close to the duo. According to the report, The Elite allegedly kicked down CM Punk’s locker room door, a far more hostile approach as opposed to reports that The Elite were simply waiting fir Punk in his locker room after the press conference.

“Per the Punk/Steel side of things — After the scrum, The Young Bucks approached Punk’s locker room, and Punk wasn’t answering the door after having been in a long match, bloodied, and finished with an emotional scrum. The Bucks were said to have  pounded on the door, with claims that they “kicked the door down.””


In regards to Ace Steel’s alleged biting and chair-throwing, sources close to the producer stated that Steel’s wife was present in the locker room at the time, leading to Steel going ballistic, throwing chairs and ultimately biting someone. Fightful noted that the claim made from sources close to Steel were that he was simply looking out for his wife more than anything, although things eventually got “out of hand”.

The report then notes that the fight was supposedly a “very long” altercation, and that the talk back and forth did not stop after the brawl. Additionally, Fightful moved to dispell rumours that Punk had injured his triceps during the brawl, instead reporting that those close to him believe the injury transpired during his AEW World Championship match with Jon Moxley.

“There were rumors that CM Punk had injured his triceps during the fracas. However, those near him say that it happened during a dive that many noticed during the AEW All Out Main event. He could be seen icing it after the match during the scrum. We haven’t been told of any severity, but were told Punk was “hurt” going into the backstage fight.”


Fightful then addressed the rumours circulating stating that both Punk and Steel are done with the company, reporting that those close to the pair say they haven’t been informed of that as of yet. Per the report, “virtually all” of the AEW roster that Fightful have spoken to about this situation believe that Punk and Steel will need to make heavy amends should they be sticking around, with heat on the pair said to be “unreal”.

As pointed out within Fightful’s report, this is simply one side of the story, with numerous names involved refraining from commenting due to the potential for legal action to be taken, and thus its worth taking these reported details with a pinch of salt.

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