Reported Reactions & News From TNA’s Recent Talent Meeting

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TNA management are believed to have held a talent meeting about the future.

Just under three weeks ago, on February 7, TNA Wrestling announced that the contract of company president Scott D’Amore had been terminated with immediate effect. The decision came just weeks after their rebranding and return to the iconic TNA name, and, as such, it was a move that shocked both fans and those already working for the company.

Now, per Fightful Select, it’s believed that higher-ups held a talent meeting over the weekend, addressing Scott’s firing and the future of TNA. There was reportedly even one top name that was looking to leave the company that decided to hold back on their own departure until the planned meeting had played out.

Coming out of the meeting, the general feeling was said to be one of not wanting to throw away the progress they’ve made as of late, even if most of the roster still don’t agree with the decision to let D’Amore go.

The general feeling was that nobody wanted the roster to abandon the hard work they’ve done as a group, even if they don’t agree with the decision to replace Scott D’Amore. We’re told that there was one top name in TNA that was looking to leave the company, and decided to ride it out after the weekend’s tapings and seeing how the meeting went.

-Fightful Select

In positive news for the TNA bosses, it’s believed that the meeting made many of their contracted wrestlers ‘excited’ for the possibilities awaiting the company going forward.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on TNA’s recent talent meeting as soon as we hear more.

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