Reportedly ‘A Lot Of Concern’ Over Randy Orton’s Back Injury

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Randy Orton has been out since May of this year with a back injury that required surgery, and things don’t seem to be getting better for WWE’s Apex Predator.

It’s been over three months since we last saw Randy Orton in a WWE ring. He sustained a back injury which sidelined him during a great run in the tag team division with Matt Riddle. The team of RKBRO reignited Orton’s passion and enabled him to deliver some of the most entertaining performances of his career. Riddle has continued to fight in honour of his injured tag partner but, as new reports state, he may have quite a while to go before he’s reunited with The Viper.

Originally, it was stated that Orton’s injury was going to keep him out for the remainder of the year which was bad news in itself for fans. But, in the newest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it has been revealed that Orton’s recovery may not be going as well as first thought with it said that there is ‘a lot of concern’ over the severity of Orton’s injury.

“There is a lot of concern regarding Orton’s back injury and its severity”


This is a huge blow for Orton who’s momentum was stopped by such a long injury. We don’t know when Randy will return to the company but he is certainly being missed and fans will continue to look forward to the day he’s back and fully healthy.

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