Sasha Banks Reportedly Released By WWE

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Sasha Banks has reportedly been released by WWE.

The news comes from WrestlingInc Owner, Raj Giri, who took to twitter to share the news. However, it is still yet to be 100% confirmed by other sources who have asked about the situation.

Since the tweet, Sean Ross Sapp has followed up with a report on Fightful Select, in which he states that he was unable to confirm the news, but also was not able to dismiss the story.

Fightful reached out to numerous WWE reps, one of which got back to us and stated “Not that I’ve heard” in regards to the release. They confirmed later that they saw Giri’s tweet, but didn’t comment beyond that. Thus far, nobody in WWE has explicitly shot it down, they’ve just said they haven’t heard about it.

– Fightful Select

Even though the report was not able to confirm the news, it did add an interesting piece of information regarding Sasha Banks & live events

There was an “urgent” email sent earlier this week to a live event venue to remove her from advertising as she was no longer a part of the event.

– Fightful Select

So, as things stand… it was reported by WrestlingInc’s Raj Giri that Sasha Banks has been released. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful since then has started to dig around in an attempt to confirm the story and is still working on it.


According Andrew Zarian & Dave Meltzer, Sasha Banks has had her lawyers involved in gaining a release from WWE

Ahead of Friday Night Smackdown, WrestleVotes took to twitter to report that the word backstage is that Sasha Banks has indeed been released:

Sean Ross Sapp took to twitter whilst Smackdown was on air and stated he has also heard from well connected people that Sasha Banks has been released but wasn’t able to confirm with WWE yet

Sean Ross Sapp also tweeted that numerous WWE talent backstage believe Sasha Banks has been released

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