Shawn Michaels Told Roxanne Perez “We’re Throwing You In The Deep End”

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Roxanne Perez had already obtained an impressive amount of success in the world of wrestling even before her arrival in NXT, spending time in ROH as their first ever Women’s World Champion, as well as a successful stint in the independents.

After debuting in the first half of 2022 on NXT’s Level Up, the former ROH World Champion would make her way to the brand formerly known as “NXT 2.0”.

During a recent appearance on the Mark Moses Show, Roxanne would look back on how rapidly all the parts fell into place.

“That was crazy because they actually told me the day before, ‘Hey, you’re going to debut for NXT Level Up.’ ‘Oh my God, alright.’ I did my debut, and then the next week, they called and were like, ‘You’re making your NXT TV debut tonight. You have a promo, you have a backstage, you have a match.’ ‘Okay.’ I remember Shawn Michaels told me, ‘We’re throwing you in the deep end, let’s see if you sink or swim.’ ‘Alright,’ and I swam,”

Roxanne Perez

Roxanne was also asked about the working relationship she has with Shawn Michaels.

“He’s amazing. He’s given me so much confidence to just go out there and know that they can trust me with anything they throw at me. I can go out there and have a good match for you, I can do a promo, I can do a live promo. He’s given me so much confidence with that. It’s surreal to be working with him. I used to re-watch the DX documentary when I was 12, over and over again. To be working with him and Triple H is now working with the main roster again, it’s wild.”

Roxanne Perez

Roxanne Perez defeated her former friend and rival, Cora Jade at NXT’s Halloween Havoc premium live event.

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