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This week was the calm before the storm for STARDOM, with the road to Queendom kicking off with the next Korakuen Hall show, where it will be decided who advances to Dream Queendom to challenge for the vacant World Of Stardom Championship. Also, Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita are making their return to the ring, after both suffering injuries in the 5STAR Grand Prix

The one-night tournament will feature four participants: Maika, Ami Sourei, Momo Watanabe, and Mina Shirakawa. With, Suzu Suzuki & Hazuki battling for the second spot, it is sure that STARDOM will have a first-time World Of Stardom Champion walking into 2024 as Champion.

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The One-Day World Of Stardom Contender Tournament:

Ami Sorurei vs. Maika
In a first-time match-up, Maika and Ami Sourei battle with the winner advancing to the final. They have done a great job trying to sell their match with various promos over the past tour shows, with Ami calling Maika her “Stepping stone”. Their match will be a Powerhouse vs. Powerhouse match-up with both just hitting Lariats after Lariats until one Wrestlers stays down, and here it’s likely Ami Sourei who stays down, with Maika being the odds-on favorite to be in the Sumo Hall main event.
Prediction: Maika

Mina Shirakawa vs. Momo Watanabe
In the other match, Momo Watanabe will face Mina Shirakawa in a rematch from the 5STAR Grand Prix. Shirakawa beat Watanabe in the Battle of the former Wonder of Stardom Champions to gain two points back then. In recent matches, Mina and Momo have shown, that they have great chemistry, and always work well with each other. Watanabe has not beaten Mina in a tournament match in over two years, with her losing to Shirakawa in the 5STAR, Goddess Tag League, and the Triangle Derby just this year. This will likely change in this match, with Momo being the clear favorite to advance, while the Club Venus Leader continues the fall in the card since she dropped the White Belt to Tam Nakanao
Prediction: Momo Watanabe

Winner Match #1 vs Winner Match #2 – Tournament Final
Rarely this year, there have been so much stake on the line in STARDOM, like in this match. A main event match for the World Of Stardom Championship in the Sumo Hall means so much, especially for all four Wrestlers, whom no one thought, that they were getting this year. In this scenario, the match is between Maika and Momo Watanabe. The “Black Peach” has beaten Maika twice in singles matches this year, with wins over the Empress in the Cinderella tournament and the 5STAR Grand Prix, but the momentum is on the side of the Empress, coming off winning the Goddess Of Stardom Tag League and being a finalist of the 5STAR Tournament.

This is a match fans can expect a lot from. Their 5STAR match earlier this year was great and delivered on a stacked show. They will continue the story with Kicks vs Lariats, where Watanabe goes on all in on Maika’s arm. With a hot crowd and the stakes on the line, this will be great. As for the result, there is only one right winner in this tournament, and it’s the Empress.
Prediction: Maika

Marvelous Pro Wrestling

A tournament started in Marvelous to find out, who will be the first challenger for AAAW Champion Mayumi Ozaki, and tries to bring back the Championship to Marvelous, where it belongs. The tournament has six Participants: Unagi Sayaka, VENY, Yuu, Mio Momono, and Tomoko Watanabe, with the first round & the semi-finals being held on the November 24th show.

The final was decided to be Tomoko Watanabe and Mio Momono facing off. They will battle on the December 6th Korakuen Hall show. Tomoko advanced by beating Kitsune World Champion Unagi Sayaka, while Mio Momono needed to upset Yuu & VENY, who are two of the biggest freelance stars to advance to the final. Considering the storyline, Tomoko Watanabe walks into the match as the favorite.

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