Tam Nakano Reveals She Intends To Stay With STARDOM Following Rossy Ogawa’s Contract Termination

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The first star to commit their future to STARDOM has been revealed.

On February 5th, STARDOM and Bushiroad announced that STARDOM founder and executive producer Rossy Ogawa’s contract has been terminated with immediate effect, citing Ogawa allegedly poaching talent and staff. Since then, Ogawa has confirmed his intention to start a new promotion, with multiple STARDOM talents having reportedly requested to leave STARDOM in light of the news.

One star seemingly intent on staying put, however, is former World of Stardom Champion Tam Nakano, who revealed to Tokyo Sports that she believes Bushiroad took the appropriate measures against Ogawa, and that appropriate discussions should take place on how to handle the situation moving forward.

“To be honest, the organization had to announce the punishment of those who held positions, and I think they took the appropriate measures, but I think that’s enough for Tamu. I think that’s enough for Tamu. What happens after that should be discussed among adults in an appropriate manner,”

-Tam Nakano

Expressing her frustration at the company drawing more attention to the Ogawa situation than their own talent, Nakano stated her intention to remain with STARDOM and make it the best promotion in the world.

“I would rather entertain everyone with our Stardom fights than those of these old men. That is why Tamu will stay with Stardom and make it the best organization in the world. That is the destination of the second chapter of Tamu Road!”

-Tam Nakano

Nakano then reiterated her resolve in staying with STARDOM, highlighting the promise she’d made to the fans of the promotion during her recent spell on the sidelines from October up until last weekend as a key reason behind her decision.

“During my absence, I was helped by all the fans and friends of Stardom. I promised to return the favour to Stardom, so I feel that no matter what happens to Stardom in the future, Tamu must continue to protect Stardom,”

-Tam Nakano

The Cosmic Angels made her return STARDOM following a spell on the sidelines due to a knee injury at this past Saturday’s 13th Anniversary Supreme Fight PPV, teaming with Yuna Mizumori to defeat Mina Shirakawa and Waka Tsukiyama.

Looking back to her return match, Nakano revealed that the reception she received from the Osaka crowd helped to calm her nerves, noting that this is yet another reason behind her desire to continue performing in a STARDOM ring.

“I was very nervous until right before the match, but when I entered the ring, I could see the fans’ faces and hear their cheers. I knew this ring was where I wanted to live,”

-Tam Nakano

During the Supreme Fight show, World of Stardom Champion Maika challenged Nakano, who was forced to relinquish the title in October due to injury. Nakano responded, stating she has unfinished business with the Red Belt, noting that she’s “already decided” on returning to the top of the promotion.

Finally, Nakano once again emphasised her love for STARDOM, and whilst she thanked both Rossy Ogawa and Bushiroad for their work in the promotion up to this point, although she hopes to protect STARDOM from stories such as these moving forward.

“I am grateful to both Ogawa-san for raising Tamu and Bushiroad Fight for making the organization bigger. I love Stardom. That’s why I don’t care about this kind of talk, Kuraitamu will show us hot fights and fascinate us. I will continue to protect Stardom from now on.”

-Tam Nakano

Whilst the details surrounding Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion are yet to be revealed, the Wrestling Observer reported that Giulia has given her word to Ogawa to help get his new endeavor off the ground before making her way to WWE, and it’s expected that more STARDOM talent are set to follow suit.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the future of STARDOM and Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion as soon as we hear more.

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