Tegan Nox Says She’s Still Unable To Wrestle Due To Visa Issues

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Tegan Nox has yet to see any in-ring action in 2022 following her WWE release in late 2021.

Nox was shuffled to the Raw brand following the 2021 WWE draft where she was split from her tag team partner, Shotzi. Although Tegan never wrestled on TV for the Raw brand, she has always been someone that dedicated fans have kept their eyes on.

Tegan Nox has however give reason for her absence and free agent status since her WWE release. Nox was a guest on Sappenin’ with Sean Smith where she discussed her current situation.

“Basically, because I haven’t gotten the visa or green card, I can’t wrestle. I keep getting messages, ‘Have you retired?’ No, I just can’t. Legally, I can’t. I’ve just been chilling, in the house, playing video games. I went to Sad Summer Fest a couple of weeks ago, which was phenomenal. Just chilling with my dogs and friends. Usual stuff that I can do without working,” 

Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox elaborated on her status earlier this year letting fans know she was happy and healthy and enjoying some much needed time off after having such a busy and regimented schedule in the past few years. Tegan’s return to the ring is uncertain and a timeframe is not available.

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