Thunder Rosa Wants A Blood And Guts Match, Wants To Create A Comic For Charity

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Thunder Rosa is absolutely a staple of the AEW women’s division. It’s a section of the company which often receives a lot of criticism but they’ve broken down a lot of barriers and Rosa has usually been involved in creating AEW women’s history. She’s the current AEW Women’s World Champion after defeating Dr. Britt Baker in the first women’s match to take place in a steel cage in the ‘Elite’ company.

Now, Rosa details the types of matches she wants to compete in going forward, keen to tick a lot of different stipulations off her bucket list. On the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast, she’s discussed future plans including action both inside and outside the ring.

“I will definitely love to do an Iron Woman Match. I know Serena mentioned that last week, and I will second that. It hasn’t been done at AEW. You know, I like to break barriers and be the first one to be part of that. I would love to do one of those. I would like to do a Blood & Guts match. I think that would be so much fun with all the women that we have, we have really good women on our roster. Yeah, we have a lot of fun. I can go crazy. So I like to do that kind of stuff.”

-Thunder Rosa.

Then she discussed another aim of hers, to create a comic book. It would be a charity project with the proceeds of her comic going to useful causes. She wants to focus on encouraging more women to be involved in wrestling specifically in her home city of Tijuana.

“I definitely would like to do more community activism in my city of Tijuana in terms of professional wrestling, just encouraging women to get involved in professional wrestling, and hopefully bring them to the United States so they can work here, they can work out there and see the difference in things because it’s so important that people see that there are options and there are choices and knowing that there’s a choice for them,” she said. “I have a lot of plans with Mission Pro Wrestling to do more community stuff either raise money for kids, or raise money for women’s organizations right now. Because of the current situation that we’re living in. I think it’s important that we continue to support women and families”

-Thunder Rosa

“I have one thing I want to do this year before the end of the year which is very dear to me,” Rosa continued. “You guys know that I adopted my dog, Drago, a couple of years ago. I want to create a comic for Drago and the proceeds will go to this place that I’ve been following for a couple of months and then that helps dogs that are stray or they’re abandoned by their owners so they can be fostered and maybe can be saved. I would love to donate the money for that because having a pet changes your life and it gives you so much love, so that’s one thing I would like to do, and more collaborations with companies so we can bring awareness to so many things that are happening in the world. My head is everywhere.”

-Thunder Rosa.

She’s certainly got plans to be busy in the future all while aiming to have a successful title reign in the women’s division.

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