TNA Reportedly Wanting To Go Live, Full Sail University A Potential Host

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TNA may be broadcast live to our homes in the future.

No major wrestling company have gone through more change as of late than TNA Wrestling. They brought back their iconic branding at the turn of the year and, on February 7, it was announced that beloved company president Scott D’Amore had had his contract terminated. Now, it looks like TNA are looking to expand in terms of broadcasting.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has said that TNA have been looking at the possibility of finding a location to call home for live broadcasting each week. This is believed to have been in motion while Scott D’Amore was still present, as he, Lou D’Angeli and Ed Nordholm had previously visited Full Sail University (the former home of NXT) to scout the venue for potential use.

“One of the things they’ve been looking at is, and this is not gonna happen any time soon, but they wanna go live. The idea is to go live and have a location where they go every Thursday, and Full Sail University is one of the places they’ve talked about. There’s probably other locations as well. Which would be really tough because Orlando already has NXT every Tuesday, but Scott D’Amore before he was ousted, Scott D’Amore, Lou D’Angeli, and Ed Nordholm went to Full Sail and scouted it out and that’s where they wanted to go.”

-Dave Meltzer

It’s unclear as to whether D’Amore’s departure will impact any plans, but, at least under him, the idea was that the company would do the appropriate tests towards the end of 2024 with the goal of getting a live broadcast up and running each week from 2025.

The idea was under D’Amore and it may be delayed it may not, some of the talent knows about this, would be maybe a few test runs towards the end of the year, and then the mentality was live 2025, and of course with D’Amore not there they may also scrap that idea.”

-Dave Meltzer

Anthony Cicione coming in to replace Scott D’Amore as the TNA President may well impact proceedings. Following Anthem Sports turning down D’Amore’s bid to purchase the company, it’s unlikely that he will make any return to the organisation moving forward.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on TNA possibly going live as soon as we hear more.

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