Tony Khan: Real Crown Jewel Of Wrestling Is Northeast U.S. Not Some BS Overseas In Saudi Arabia

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Promoters will promote and AEW’s president Tony Khan is no stranger to this. During the build to AEW’s highly anticipated Grand Slam tv special this week, Tony Khan made several media stops in attempt to hit the ground running on Wednesday night in New York at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

In an interview with New York’s News 12, Tony Khan was quizzed about the current hot streak of events taking place in New York state. Tony Khan responded by putting over the northeast itself and taking quite a jab at WWE and their bi-annual Saudi Arabia PLEs.

“We’re running a lot of great shows around the Northeast. It’s so many great wrestling markets in one geographic region. I’ll say it: (it’s) the crown jewel of wrestling markets — the real crown jewel of wrestling markets, not some BS overseas in Saudi Arabia. The real crown jewel — New York City — is where you want to be.”

Tony Khan

WWE is set to head to Saudi Arabia in November for their second outing of the year in Riyadh.

Tony Khan and All Elite Wrestling will air Grand Slam from Arthur Ashe Stadium for the second year in a row this Wednesday and Friday for Dynamite and Rampage respectively.

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