Tony Khan Reportedly Told AEW Stars That He Is “Not Going To Be A Pushover”

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There has been a few reports and rumours of backstage drama within AEW as of late, and Tony Khan has now told his talent that he will be no pushover.

Recently, there has been more cases coming out of incidents backstage in AEW. It seemed that the atmosphere is tense with a lot of clashing personalities. Some of which include Sammy Guevara and Eddie Kingston’s backstage scuffle, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa reportedly having a genuine heat for each other and the numerous reports and rumours of ‘contract tampering’ by WWE.

AEW held a talent meeting before the August 24 episode of Dynamite to address the uncertainty backstage in the company. Tony Khan even mentioned that he had a direct message sent to WWE telling them to stop their alleged ‘contract tampering’. Though, more details have emerged about this meeting as per Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter regarding Khan’s stance on the unrest backstage.

“One wrestler noted to us that Khan made it very clear he was not going to be a pushover for demands by the talent. There have been a lot of instances where talent of late has made demands on what they want in regard to the PPV and in some cases Khan has done that thinking the proposed ideas are better and in others he hasn’t.”


There appears to be some unresolved conflict between the talent in AEW and the way management deals with the issues will be crucial to the company going forward.

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