Tony Khan Says He Will Always Listen To The Fans

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Last week’s AEW Dynamite saw Jon Moxley defeat CM Punk for the Undisputed AEW World Championship. The match’s shortness led to some confusion and many questions from fans with CM Punk appearing to have re-injured his foot.

However, one thing that Tony Khan has made clear is that he will continue to listen to the fans.

In an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Khan was asked about the very divided fan reaction to the match and his decision to put it on TV.

“It’s okay. As long as everybody can watch the show and have a good time, however people want to react, it’s fine. The fans are always right. If I left them with a lot of questions going into the pay-per-view, for some people, they’re not used to that. It’s a different way to do it. It was a big success, it brought a huge rating, and I still think we’re going to have a big audience for the pay-per-view and hopefully, it will influence it in a very positive way. It’s okay for people to have questions and to express their questions in frustration or anger. I think’s perfectly normal. It’s obviously a different way to get from point A to point C. It’s not just going directly through point B in a straight line. I think it’s good. There will be a lot of exciting things, including a lot of great wrestling action on Dynamite, and we’re going to learn a lot about the pay-per-view. Remember this, the fans are always right. I will always listen to the fans, their opinion is always the most important ones and I hope by the end of the week, the fans understand how much I care about them and pro wrestling and how important AEW is to me and how strong AEW can be going forward for the rest of 2022 and many years in the future.”

Tony Khan

As of this moment, Moxley does not have a match announced for this weekend’s AEW All Out, but Khan said that his status will be addressed on tonight’s AEW Dynamite.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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