Wardlow Says The Past Couple Of Months Have Changed The AEW Locker Room

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Wardlow, the current TNT Champion recently took time to talk shop on the current status of the All Elite Wrestling locker room.

2022 has clearly been somewhat of a tumultuous time for All Elite Wrestling, amidst contract discrepancies, back stage altercations, and structural company shake-ups elsewhere, AEW has still managed to shine light on their more grandiose moments this year, including the joint show with NJPW, and the purchase of Ring of Honor.

The current TNT Champion, Wardlow took time recently to describe locker room morale in an interview with ESPR Podcast, noting that those in the locker room have only grown closer in the time following backstage confrontations and inter-personal woes.

Everybody backstage has done such a great job of communicating and we’ve been, honestly through all of the…you said chaos. Fortunately, on the inside, it has made us so much tighter. I feel like since all of that stuff happened, these past couple of months have really changed the locker room. We have some really positive leadership, guys like [Chris] Jericho and [Jon] Moxley and Bryan Danielson. They are true leaders and they are very passionate. They’ve done such a good job of getting the locker room together and on the same page and getting our company on the right track.”


Wardlow would continue to put over the folks in the locker room, assuring that it’s just as symbiotic as when the promotion was first founded.

“We talked about this recently, I feel like our locker room is as tight as it was when we started a few years ago. When we first started man, we were all on the same mission. We were a family. We survived COVID together, where we spent more time with each other then our own family. It was really really special that year we basically lived in Jacksonville. Everybody bonded so well and I feel like recently, we’re back to that.”


The current TNT champion finds himself tagging with fellow big man, Samoa Joe, the two saw action most recently in a winning effort against The Factory’s QT Marshall and Nick Comoroto on an episode of AEW Dynamite.

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