Will Ospreay Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want To Sign With WWE

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WWE is certainly the biggest and most well-known wrestling promotion there is. Many wrestlers aspire to be there and dream of performing on the big stages in front of insanely large audiences.

Though, WWE is often criticised for the hectic travel schedule that its talent has to go through. Performers are on the road without many days off year in and year out which can be off putting with the amount of sacrifice it brings. This plays a part in Ospreay’s reasoning for not wanting to sign for Vince McMahon’s company, while speaking on the ‘WRESTHINGS’ podcast, he discussed the topic.

“I have no aspirations of going to WWE, at all. It’s not because of the product or anything, I’m not a fan of it, I will happily say, but my lifestyle, I never wanted to be the big star pro wrestler. Japan allows me to do a tour and come home and live my family life. If anybody has ever spent more than a couple of days with me, family to me is everything. I love my mum, I love my dad, no shame in saying it. Love my nan and granddad and will bend over backwards and fold myself in half for those guys. If you are part of that friend circle that I consider family, I’ll do the exact same thing. It’s important for me to have those breaks away from wrestling to be able to live that life because one day I wish to be like my dad or granddad or even my mum because they are the people that made me,”

-Will Ospreay.

“I want to do that one day. New Japan, for me, is the enhancement and the focus is professional wrestling. I’m not doing storylines where I have this guy slept with my girlfriend or whatever or we have a wedding angle or kidnapped by ninjas. I know, from the outside, I’m a guy that does a lot of flips and whatever, but I’m a wrestler and I like professional wrestling. I don’t mind the odd love triangle angle, but there is nothing better than when the bell rings and there are two guys wrestling and telling wonderful effing stories. The moment the bell rings, you have one of two feelings; that was amazing, can’t wait for the next match.

-Will Ospreay.

“Throughout my time in New Japan, I love the company, inside and outside, that place has done incredible things for me emotionally, mentally, and physically. It’s broken down my body because the matches are extremely difficult, but the boys have looked after me. For that, I have nothing but love for that company.”

-Will Ospreay.

Ospreay aims to remain loyal to New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he has been since 2016. He remains one of the most well-known and popular British wrestlers in the world and stands out in one of the world’s best wrestling companies.

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