WWE Failing To Purchase ROH Is The First Sign Of Triple H’s Absence 

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AEW Owner Tony Khan recently announced that he is the new owner of Ring Of Honor. The news was announced on Wednesdays episode of AEW Dynamite.

Shortly after, it was said that both WWE & AEW were interested in buying ROH, but ultimately Tony Khan and AEW made the best offer so they won any kind of bidding war.

Dave Meltzer recently had this to add in this weeks Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“One person with knowledge of WWE’s attempting to buy the company said, “Smart move (regarding Khan). Even smarter counter move to WWE fumbling the ball on the purchase, which definitely would have happened had (Paul) Levesque not gone down. Besides the complete mess that has happened to NXT, this is the first sign of Levesque’s absence. He would have pushed this through. He was flirting with the idea (in 2018) when Vince McMahon started thinking,`Let’s buy New Japan’ (which never went anywhere).””

– Dave Meltzer

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