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Welcome to Wrestle Purists’ coverage of NXT on April 26th 2022.

Nikkita Lyons defeated Lash Legend:

After the match Natalya appeared and attacked Lyons, but Cora Jade made the save

Tony D’Angelo Promo:

Tony D’Angelo cuts a promo about Xyon Quinn not being cleared for their previously scheduled match and also Von Wagner. He also takes a shot at Santos Escobar too

Diamond Mine Promo:

Roderick Strong mentions some of Diamond Mine’s recent losses and tries to motivates the members. He says to the Creed Brothers that he has set up a challenge for them next week, he then introduces the Viking Raiders and they have a fact to face with the Creed Bros.

Von Wagner defeated Tony D’Angelo:

During the match the referee was distracted by Legado Del Fantasma and D’Angelo was attacked by Santos Escobar from behind.

Backstage With Brook Jensen, Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley:

All 3 are fired up for their match vs Legado Del Fantasma

Nathan Fraser Debut:

Fraser is making his entrance but then Grayson Waller attacks the opponent and grabs a mic, he then cuts a promo on Fraser saying nobody cares about his debut etc. Grayson Waller then spots Andre Chase and starts to cut a promo on him instead. He is then distracted so Nathan Fraser hits him with a dropkick and Waller leaves the ring

Arianna Grace Video Package:

Video package hyping up Grace’s upcoming debut which will happen in the Womens Breakout Tournament

Tiffany Stratton Promo:

Tiffany Stratton complains about Sarray pulling her hair last week, she is then interrupted by an agitated Grayson Waller who apologises for interrupting her and complains about Nathan Fraser. Grayson Waller then calls out Nathan Fraser for a match.

Katana Chanca & Kayden Carter defeated Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz:

Katana Chance pinned Valentina Feroz

Backstage With Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley:

We go backstage and Jensen has been attacked. He says he was jumped but he didnt see who it was.

Alba Fyre Video Package:

Video Package hyping Kay Lee Ray who will now go by the name Alba Fyre.

Legado Del Fantasma defeated Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley:

Brooks Jensen was unable to compete as he was attacked earlier. Robert Stone jumps on commentary temporarily and hints that Von Wagner may have been the culprit who attacked Jensen. El ztori pinned zbriggs

Natalya & Lash Legend Promo:

Natalya says that she is going to break Cora Jade legs and put the womens division on notice. She then says she took notice of Lash Legend & both women cut promos on Nikkita Lyons & Cora Jade as they are going to face them in a tag match.

Kiana James Video Package:

Video package hyping Kiana James who will be competing in the womens break out tournament

Solo Sikoa defeated Trick Williams:

Cameron Grimes was on commentary & Carmelo Hayes was ringside. After the match, Grimes & Sikoa are stared each other

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade Promo:

Enofe is trying to hype up Blade for their match later tonight

Legado Del Fantasma Promo:

LDF cut a promo on Briggs, Jensen & Henley. Escobar also singled out how they got Tony D’Angelo back for last week.

The Viking Raiders defeated Edris Enofe & Malik Blade:

Ivar pinned Malik Blade. After the match the two teams shake hands. The Creed Brother then come to the top of the ramp and the two teams stare each other

Wes Lee Video Package:

Wes Lee is at the beach talking about how the past few months have been tough but he is going to bounce back and make the waves he’s supposed to.

Backstage With Tony D’Angelo:

Tony D’Angelo introduces his 2 friends who have been getting involved on TV in recent weeks. Troy ‘2 Dimes’ Donovan & Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo.

He calls out Santos Escobar for a sit down next week.

Mandy Rose defeated Roxanne Perez:

After the match, Wendy Choo dropped a net on Toxic Attraction and her and Perez sprayed silly string at them

Sloan Jacobs Video Package:

Video Package hyping Jacobs who will be in the womens breakout tournament

Joe Gacy In-Ring Promo:

The ring is surrounded by Druids. Gacy cuts a cultish promo about his vision, he then says he knows Bron Breakker isn’t cleared to defend his NXT Title so Gacy should be crowned NXT Champion. He is then interrupted by Rick Steiner who tells Gacy that Breakker is cleared and will be defending his title at Spring Breakin’. Gacy then threatens Rick and the Druids get up on the apron. Bron Breakker then makes his entrance and starts taking out Druids, but he is eventually outnumbered and Gacy hits him with a clothesline. Gacy then holds the NXT Championship above Breakker

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